Cunningham Township

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Volunteer and Internship Program

Volunteer Program

Cunningham Township provides the opportunity for local residents to volunteer to help their neighbors in need. Township Volunteers keep regular, daytime hours and provide as much support as they are able - from 2 hours a week on up. They take on assignments as needed - helping with garden work and events, calling participants, filing, answering phones, handing out and reviewing applications, and looking up and entering information. Volunteers must be at least 16 years old.

Internship Program

Cunningham Township offers a structured internship program with the following purposes:

  • To provide formal and informal field experience to students and members of the community interested in the fields of Social Work, Urbana Planning, Non-Profit Administration, and Public Policy.
  • To provide a conduit for local residents to collaborate with the Township on projects that are aligned with their interests or passions.
  • To support Cunningham Township with administrative, planning and direct service needs.

The logistics of the program as follows:

  • Interested Interns submit a cover letter and resume to If CTSO is interested, we will contact the potential intern to request a two week volunteer period to assess fit where no stipend is paid.
  • Interns are assigned to one of these teams: Housing Advocacy, Employment Advocacy, Disability Advocacy, Administration, or Outreach and Event Organizing, or they may work on special projects.
  • Interns offer 10-40 hours per week of service.
  • Interns typically serve for 4 months, which may be renewed at the discretion of the Supervisor typically for interns working on a project in process.
  • Interns receive a stipend as set by the Supervisor.
  • Course credit may be arranged if requested.

All volunteers and interns are invited to participate in training opportunities, which are usually held Friday mornings. Examples of past include supporting domestic violence survivors, providing trauma-informed care, how to help participants with predatory landlords, using case management software, supporting disabled residents in accessing federal disability payments, navigating employment options with disabled residents.