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Sports Teams

Roscoe Township tries very hard to provide excellent groomed parks and recreation trails.  Sometimes this is very hard due to weather.  The beginning of this year as not been favorable at all for parks and trails.  It has been very damp and cold.  With the cold the new seeding that has been put down on RJC soccer fields is not taking hold.  To allow this to happen it will be necessary to possible keep the parks closed longer this spring.  Both Robert J Cross and Kelley Myer parks are still locked for drive in traffic.  You may park at the gates to walk in and use the play ground equipment.  Fields will be opened according to weather permitting. 

Procedure for Requesting use of fields/facilities
Roscoe Township

  1. Any organized sports activity must have an authorized permit for use of Township’s athletic fields.
  2. Requests for use of Township fields must be made in writing using the Field/Facility Use Application.
  3. All applications must be signed by the applicant. If the applicant is a sports organization, the application shall be signed by an officer of the organization indicating his/her title or position within the organization. Complete the application and return to:

    Roscoe Township Office, 5792 Elevator Road, Roscoe, IL 61073 
    or Email to:
    Phone: 815-623-7323
  4. The Application must be accompanied by the following before it will be reviewed:
    a) Proof of liability insurance
    b) requested schedule
    c) Name and phone number of a contact person who maintains all registration information for the organization.
  5. Upon receipt of Field/Facility Use Application and accompanying documentation, the Roscoe Township Board will review information provided and notify organization of availability.
  6. Roscoe Township will issue contract to organization. These contracts are non-transferable and may not be passed on to other user groups
  7. Contracts for Field/Facility use are issued subject to and may be adjusted by the Board where in its discretion, such adjustment is reasonably appropriate to serve the public good, including but not limited to public safety, traffic congestion and/or parking and refuse issues.

If you have further questions please contact Mary at the General Township Office 815-623-7323 or email